WSS100-TG E1/T1 VoIP Trunk Gateway

pri trunk gateway

WSS100-TG is a VoIP trunking gateway for service providers and medium to large enterprises. Built in IP interfaces and T1/E1 interfaces, it bridges packet networks to traditional voice network trunking facilities which include PSTN class 4 switches, class5 swithes, and various enterprise PBXs. It supports ISDN PRI signaling protocol for interconnection to PSTN switches or PBXs and SIP protocol as the primary interface to soft switch. WSS100-TG has successfully completed interoperability tests with most advanced soft switches in the global market place.



WSS100-TG is designed with form factor and mountable rack in the 19 inch shell. It is equipped with a main control module, an interface slot to house 4-port T1/E1 module (WSS-4T1/E1). It also includes a DSP expansion interface on the main module to incorporate more voice processing power through a DSP sub-module. In addition, WSS100-TG offers redundant power supply option and hot swappable modules to guarantee high service availability. 

Flexible configuration of one to four E1 / T1

Guarantee 4E1 120 DS0 voice processing with any codec (G.711u/aLaw, G.723.1,G.729,GSM,iLBC,T.38)

Ideal PSTN termination for IP phones, VoIP gateway, IPPBX, PBX access

Embeded with  RTP voice proxy, Digits translation

Auto Dial and RADIUS billing interface for CDR


Main Application:

Enterprises can benefit from a variety of valuable applications such as PBX extension, remote office connectivity, long distance consolidation and call centers, IPPBX's SIP trunk

Service providers can deploy numerous VoIP applications such as SIP Trunking,Wholesale VoIP Termination, Calling Cards, Tandem Switching and Least Cost Routing.

Technical specs

High Performance

Voice processing capability is the most important requirement and measurement for all trunking gateways. WSS100-TG configured with one to four T1/E1 interfaces can maximally process 120 simultaneous VoIP calls. WSS100-TG embeds powerful DSP technology which possesses 4800 MIPS processing power, for full load voice processing to support CODEC (G.711, G.729A, G.723,iLBC,GSM), echo cancellation (G.168), DTMF relay (RFC2833), and fax relay (T.30, T.38) etc.

Rich Features

WSS100-TG supports all kinds of features to satisfy various application requirements. Features include: Calling/Called Party Number Translation, Routing Selection, RADIUS Billing Interface, Second Stage Dialing and Ring-back Tone, DTMF Auto Dial, Tone Detection, RTP voice Proxy (for NAT traversal), T.38 Fax Relay. WSS100-TG supports ISDN PRI and SIP protocols and it is the ideal PSTN trunking gateway for IP phones, PC phones and PBX bridge to VoIP services.


The WSS100-TG supports use-wide ISDN PRI connections to class 4/5 switches such as those offered by Nortel, Lucent, Alcatcl, Siemens, Huawei, ZTE and others. It also supports network-side ISDN connections to ISDN PBXs and supports features such as Caller ID and Direct Inward Dialing.

The WSS100-TG supports wide array of the SIP inclustry standards that enable it to interoperate with SIP-based application servers, media servers and large variety of IADs.


Like other WSS series VoIP products, WSS100-TG has the Web GUI and text configuration interfaces to   upgrade, maintain, download log files and collect statistics remotely.

Key Features

· Configuration: Configurable E1 or T1 Interface by WEB

1E1 (30 Channels), 2E1 (60 Channels), 4E1 (120 Channels)

1T1 (24 Channels), 2T1 (48 Channels), 4T1 (96 Channels)

·  Voice Processing

Voice Codec: G.711, G.729A, G.723.1, GSM,  iLBC

Echo Cancellation: G.168, tail length: 8/16/32/64/128 milliseconds

Dynamic Jitter buffer, Voice Activity Detector (VAD), and Comfort Noise Generator CNG)

·  Calling Control

Called/Calling Party Number Translation

Second Stage Dialing

Voice Detection

Auto Dialing with DTMF

Ringback Tone

· Voice Proxy

 RTP Voice Proxy Function (for NAT/Firewall Traversal)

· Fax Processing

T.30, T.38 Fax Relay

· Billing

Radius Interface

· Gateway Configuration

Web Based User Interface, Text Based Configuration

· Remote Provisioning

HTTP/WEB Mode, Remote Software Upgrade, Alarm, Performance Data


· PSTN Side

 ISDN PRI Standard: ANSI, NI-2, DMS, 5ESS

· VoIP Protocol

SIP (RFC3261) , 2976 Info Method, 3515 Refer Method, 3581 Symmetric Response Routing


 RFC 2866 Accounting


DTMF Digits Transmit: RFC2833, INFO (SIP) , In-Band


· Ethernet Interface Connector

RJ-45, 10/100 Base-T, 10/100 Auto Sensing

·E1/T1 interface


· System Memory

128 MB

· Flash Memory

64 MB

· Central Processor

Motorola PowerPC 8250

· Digital Signal Processor

TI C5509

· Input Voltage

110~220V/6A AC, 50~60Hz

· Power Consumption

70 Watt (Max)

· Dimension ( Height x Width x Depth )

4.4 x 44 x 44 cm, 1U, 19 formfactor




Model name

E1/T1 Port

Ethernet Port





1U chassis




1U chassis




1U chassis