PCI PRI cards

Asterisk e1  card

RD Series digital PCI cards provide up to 4 E1/T1 ports, comptaible with open source IP PBX like Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Yate, easy to install and good voice quality; support PCI or PCI-E slot;



Efficient: Optimization of DMA transmission and hardware switching.

Clock: Support to use a unified clock on each machine. Support the master-slave clock. So several different carriers can be connected simultaneously.

Interfaces: Mix T1/E1 connecting has been supported.

Line codin : HDB3 / AMI / B8ZS                                                           

Frame format : CRC4 / non-CRC4 / ESF / D4T1 / E1

HDLC Processing: Independent of the hardware HDLC transceiver

Driver optimization: Specifically optimization for high volume data transmission in drivers

Technical specs

This RD series PCI digital cards provides full-duplex telephone card data with 1 6.384M transfer rate or 120-channels voice communications. Each machine can support multiple cards, particularly suitable for the development of Asterisk-based applications.

The card provides a wealth of line encoding (AMI / BSZS / HDB3), hardware frame processing(CRC4 / non-CRC4 / ESF / D4T1 / E1). Every card provides two independent HDLC transceiver and support SS7 FISU transmit-receive. The card also provides two independent Jitter Attenuator.

The card reserved slot for echo cancellation. Carrier-grade EC modules have been provided. The EC module also can provide optimizing of voice quality.

These cards supporting rich media processing with high performance. All the cards in one host can share the same clock source.

The card provides 32bits transmission in both DMA slave and master mode. The data in every DMA transmission can be adjusted according to different motherboard to reach the maximum.

This series cards including 3 modelss.RD420/RD220/RD120,corresponding to 4/2/1 E1 / T1 / J1 interfaces. RD420 is 9.5 CM long, 10 CM high and compliance with PCI 2.2 standard interface card. EC module can be inserted to the slot on the card to provide hardware echo cancellation.

The optimization driver has been provided and has passed our rigorous testing


                    ANSI: T1.403-1995, T1.231?993, T1.408
                    AT&T: TR54016, TR62411
                    ITU: G.703, G.704, G.706, G.736, G.775, G.823, G.932, I.431, O.151, Q.161
                    ITU-T: Recommendation I.432?3/93 B-ISDN User-Network Interface

                   Specification: ETSI: ETS 300 011, ETS 300 166, ETS 300 233, CTR12, CTR4
                   Japanese: JTG.703, JTI.431, JJ-20.11 (CMI Coding Only)       


                  Two Standalone framer to process receive and transmit frame.

                  Supporting Frame formats:CRC4/non-CRC4/ESF/D4T1/E1                

                  Automatic produce DS1 idle code.

                  Supporting T1.403-1998.Producing and checking RAI-CI/AIS-CI/RAI   

                  RCL, RLOS, RRA?RAIS warning interrupt     


                  RJ45 120/75ohm  DSX-1/CSU-1 Line-buildouts


                Auto adaptive to 5v and 3.3v PCI 2.2 bus.

                Auto configuration and compatiable with popular mianboards

               32bits,132M bytes/sec DMA transmission  and supporting both slave and master mode.DMA transmission can be optimized according to mianboard


Asterisk pri card



Model name

E1/T1 ports Echo Cancellation Module Bus type
RD420 4 No PCI/PCI-E
RD220 2 No PCI/PCI-E
RD120 1 No PCI/PCI-E
RD420-EC 4 Yes PCI/PCI-E
RD220-EC 2 Yes PCI/PCI-E
RD120-EC 1 Yes PCI/PCI-E



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