Asterisk PCI card

RA1600/RA800/RA400 Series analog PCI telephone cards provide up to 16 FXS/FXO ports, comptaible with open source IP PBX like Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Yate, easy to install and good voice quality; support PCI or PCI-E slot;



Large capacity:  Each card supports from 1 to 16 FXO / FXS interfaces. Each machine can support more than 6 cards and provide high-capacity analog telephone interface support

Flexible configuration: You can select single-port and dual-port modules, flexible configuration to meet different requirements.

Efficiency: Burst-mode DMA with 128M transfer every time.Optimized FPGA design, reliable and efficient.                           

International standards: High quality and Carries-grade SLIC and POTS  chips with the world's largest installation volume. Meet the globe standards and not compatibility issues exist.

Adaptable: Can be configured to a variety of parameters. Adapting to different lines, interfaces.

Convenient and reliable: No additional power connector or supplier is required for FXS modules.

Standard framework: The same hardware architecture has been used in all our RA series PCI telephony cards to ensure the product quality.

Technical specs

The RA series of PCI analogy telephony cards supports efficient and rich media processing capabilities, one machine can insert a few cards, especially suitable for developing applications based on Asterisk and FreeSwitch.

RA400 is 1 3.5 cm length, 10 cm height which is Compliance with PCI 2. 2 standard interface cards. The card has 4 slots. Every slot can be inserted with single FXO / FXS module (optional module models: RA100S, RA100FXO) which can be used to connect 1-4 analog telephone channels

Both of RA800 and RA1600 is 23 cm length(less than full card length), 10 cm high.They are , Compliance with PCI 2. 2 standard and can be installed on most PC because of its moderate length. Both cards have 8 slots. Every slot can ben inserted with single and dual FXO / FXS modules (optional module type: RA100S, RA100FXO, RA200S, RA200FXO).So every card can be used to connect 1-16 channels.

This RA series of FXO/FXS modules can be installed in any module slots to meet the requirements of different application configurations.

PCI/PCI-E can be Auto adaptive to 5v and 3.3v PCI 2.2 bus. Auto configuration and compatiable with popular mianboards,   Burst-mode DMA with 32Bits,132Mbytes/sec speed

SI POTS/SLIC carrier-grade ICs. Compatiable with international standards and can be deployed worldwide

No additional power connector or supplier is required for FXS modules

Peak current: 800mA,Working current: 300mA

Power consumption: Below 12W with 4 FXS,Below 2w with 4 FXO


Analog asterisk card



Model name

FXS ports FXO ports Bus type
RA400-4S 4 0 PCI/PCI-E
RA400-4FXO 0 4 PCI/PCI-E
RA400-2S/2 2 2 PCI/PCI-E
RA800-8S 8 0 PCI/PCI-E
RA800-8FX0 0 8 PCI/PCI-E
RA800-4S/4 4 4 PCI/PCI-E
RA800-6S/2 6 2 PCI/PCI-E
RA1600-16S 16 0 PCI/PCI-E
RA1600-16FXO 0 16 PCI/PCI-E
RA1600-8S/8 8 8 PCI/PCI-E
RA1600-12S/4 12 4 PCI/PCI-E



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