RX200 Hybrid IP PBX

Hybrid PBX

RX20 is a high density, high performance hybrid IP-PBX system for middle and large-size enterprises with up to 100 employees. Packaged in a 2U-high and 19-inch wide chassis, RX200 provides up to 96 ports for analog extensions and CO lines, and 80 SIP trunks as well.  RX200 can be put on any flat surface or mounted on wall.


RX200 is low cost PBX phone system for middle and large-size office, support SIP trunks to connects with ITSP for least cost calls, and interconnection for branches;


- Low budget telephone system for mid and large-size office
- Telephone system for enterprise with branch office

Technical Specs

Automated attendant
Interactive voice response (IVR)
Working  hour  and  non-working hour service
Changing  automated  attendant profile on a fly
Operator  group  (Up  to  5 operators)
Operator console


Incoming call
Direct inward dialing (DID)
Direct dialing in (DDI)
Calling  line  identification  (CLI)
Call block
Ring tone pattern selection
Call waiting

Group receiving
Extension group
Group call distribution
Group ringing


Extension receiving
Call forking (Ring simultaneously another pre-selected terminal)
Call forwarding (FWD)
Do not disturb (DND)
Ring pattern selection
Color ring back tone

Call pickup
Directed pickup
Group pickup
Pickup operator’s call only

Making call
Intercom call
Account code entry

Outgoing line preference
Trunk group  
Speed dialing
Hot line (Immediate, delay)  
Caller ID block
Emergency call

Outside access
Direct  inward  system  access (DISA)
Call back  
Remote  extension  setting  on phone

Call restriction
Toll restriction/Call barring  
Budget management
Extension lock
Verified code entry

Automatic route selection

Call transfer
Blind call transfer
Consultation call transfer
Call transfer to CO line

Call hold
Call hold
Call park
Music on hold


3-way calling

Caller ID
Caller ID
Incoming call log

Audible tone
Dial tone
Confirmation tone
Stutter dial tone


CO line (FXO)
Polarity inverse detection
Caller ID detection
Busy tone detection
DTMF outpulsing delay
Volume control

Subscriber line (FXS)

Polarity inverse generation
Caller  ID  generation  (FSK,
Ring cadence setting  
Ring frequency setting
Volume control
Ring volt 60V RMS
Ring Frequency 20-25Hz

Other calls features
Music on hold
Color ring back tone

SIP trunk
Registration per line
Registration per system

Tie trunk service
Direct internal dialing
Call forwarding
Call transfer
Outbound trunk sharing

Other SIP connection
Peer-to-peer SIP communication

NAT traversal
IP address filtering for security

Media stream processing
Codecs: G.711, G.729A,  
Echo cancellation
Jitter  buffer  automatic
Busy tone detection


Not-Telephone Terminal

Fax  transmit  and  receive  (T.30 and T.38)
POS transmit
PBX  connectivity  (Analog  trunk
and analog extension)


System management
Web  management  interface
(Local and remote access)
Firmware upgrade
Log management
Configuration import and export
System  status  monitoring  and




Hybrid SIP PBX




Model name Analog Extensions CO  lines Ethernet ports SIP Trunks
RX200-88S/8 88 8 2 80
RX200-80S/16 80 16 2 80
RX200-56S/16 56 16 2 80
RX200-72S/24 72 24 2 80
RX200-96S 96 0 2 80
RX200-72S 72 0 2 80

Above Models with same software and WEB menu;