Session Border Controller WX1000

pri trunk gateway

WX1000 is an enterprise SBC (Session Border Controller),  It interconnects voice communication over different IP networks and provides security schemes to protect the network from attacks and the privacy of communications. With highly compact design and the capacity of supporting 1000 register users and 200 concurrent calls. WX1000 is a cost-effective enterprises solution to build voice VPN amount headquarter and branch offices.



WX1000 SBC is nice core device for VoIP service Providers (VoIP/SIP blocked region), WX1000 will be  between SIP terminals  and Softswitch,  from SIP terminals like VoIP Gateways, IP phones, SIP ATA to WX1000 with UDP encryption (SIP/RTP), and WX1000 to SoftSwitch is open SIP, with WX1000 you can very easy to add encryption function for your platform, and  nothings need to change on server side;

For enterprise WX1000 will provides security schemes to protect the network from attacks and the privacy of communications, specially for firewall case with WX1000  will be very easy for remote SIP clients to register with the head office IP PBX, because WX1000 with three Ethernet ports, Eth1 will be connect to internet for remote SIP clients, and Eth2 to local LAN connect to IP PBX server;


Main Application:

 NAT/firewall traversal
 Registration and authentication of SIP terminal
 Encryption and decryption ( VoIP/SIP Blocked region )of signaling and voice media streams, including TLS/SRTP
 Access control through IP table
 RTP proxy 
 Internetworking with up to three separate networks 
 Surveillance and network failover 
 Status and statistics report with TR069

Technical specs


Hardware                                                  Description
CPU Motorola PowerPC 8250
DSP Chipset TI C5509
RAM 128M
Flash Memory 8M
SIP Support RFC3261/3262/3264/2976, RFC4028 (Session Timer),
RFC5009 (Early Media), RFC3966,RFC2617,RFC3323
TCP/UDP Support
PPPoE Support
RTP/RTCP Support
HTTP Support
ARP Support
DNS Support
DHCP Support
NTP/SNTP Support
TFTP Support
ICMP Support
Call Capacity 100 concurretn calls with TLS Encryption,200 concurrent calls
without encryption
User Registration 1000 Users
Packets transfer delay  30ms
Physcial Specs  
Chassis Type  1U x 19 inch Mental chassis
Dimension ( H x W x D) 44 x 440 x 440 mm
Net Weight 5Kg
Ethernet Connector 3 x RJ45, 10/100 Base-T,Auto Sensing
Console Port RJ45
Power Consumption 70W
Working Temperature 0 - 40℃
Storage Temperature ­10 - 60℃
Working Humidity 10% - 90%RH (Non Conducing)
Storage Humidity 5% - 90%RH (Non Conducing)
Power Supply  
Input Voltage 100 - 240V AC, 50 - 60Hz,1AMP Max
Power Adaptor Chinese GB-2099,Euro CEE7/7, North American NEMA5-15
TR069 Support
Telnet Support
WEB GUI Chinese and English
RS-232 Console Support
Remote  Upgrade Support
Remote configuration Support
Export/Import Data Support
Auto Provision Support
Static IP  Support
Version Info Software and Hardware Version
Terminals Status Register and Operation
System Time Support
Syslog Support
Security for Management Password and Authorized IP address
Logon Levels Administrator and Operator
Voice and Video Communication Support
Siganalling/Voice Stream encryption Support TLS/SRTP and other encryption scheme
Voice Processing RTP packet forward, NAT/firewall traversal
Multiple SoftSwitch Platforms Connections to multiple ITSP servers
Security Policies  Access control through IP table, conceal of NAT address,encryption
& decryption on signalling and/or voice media stream,blocking calls
 from untrusted devices,discarding unkonwn message, security log file
Registration and Authentication Support registration authentication of SIP terminals
Ethernet Interface  
Message forwarding  After receiving registraion message, WX1000 checks the Softswitch
address and the IP address of each Ethernet interface, if the IP address
 of one of the Ethernet interfaces is in the same network segment as
 that of the softswicth, WX1000 uses this Ethernet interface for
message forwarding;

If no IP address of all the three Ethernet interface on WX1000 is in the
 same network segment as that of the softswicth, WX1000 forwards
registration message through a logical IP address, the logical IP
address can be queried in the network tag of the GUI and can not
 be changed, by Default, the IP address of Ethenet interface 1 is
used as the logical IP address, if Ethernet interface 1 is not configured,
 the IP address of Ethernet interface 3 will be used as the logical IP
 address, if only the IP address of Ethernet interface 2 is configured,
 the IP address of Ethernet interface 2 is used as the logical IP address
Default Gateway If the gateway address is configured for all the three Ethernet interface,
 the IP address of Ethernet interface 2 is the default gateway;

If Ethernet interface 2 is not used or configured with the gateway, the IP
address of Ethernet interface 3 is the default gateway, if only Ethernet
 interface 1 is used, the IP address of Ethernet interface 1 is the
 default gateway



Model name

Register users

 Concurrent calls

Ethernet Port








1U chassis